Machine Control System

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About the course

This is a Novice level course:Our Novice level courses are for delegates who have had little or no training on the equipment.


Have a basic understanding of the industry, the dangers of working in the industry and their responsibilities as an operator.

Elements Covered

  • Have a basic understanding of the Industry, the dangers of working in the Industry and their responsibilities as a plant operator
  • Be able to explain the different types of Machine Control Systems
  • Have a working knowledge of the manufacturers handbook for the relevant machine control system
  • Conduct system self-check at start up in accordance with manufacturers requirements allowing operating modes to be activated
  • Have a working knowledge of daily, monthly and yearly checks that must be carried out to ensure safe operation including diagnostic function tests
  • Be able to understand system messages during operation
  • Be able to use the Key Override and be aware of the Supervisors key and its functions
  • Be able to identify, locate and use the display module and relevant functions specific to that model/device operations
  • Be able to use the Top Menu, Sub Menu’s and Tool / Product selection menus where applicable
  • Demonstrate and explain how the Machine Control System works in relation to; Operation within the SWL, Approach to Overload, Stability Indication Overload, Hydraulic Limit Indication and Stability Control Overload dependent on the features of model fitted to the trainee’s machine.
  • Demonstrate and explain how the Machine Control System works in relation to; Operation within Height Limits, Radius Limits, Low Limits, Slew Limits, Virtual Wall, Twin Virtual Wall and Multipoint Wall Restrictions
    Carry out all end of shift and shut down procedures

Requirements for training to commence

  • The learner must hold a current and valid equipment operator’s qualification that includes basic training on various types of equipment.
  • The equipment must be serviceable and meet current legislation
  • A lift plan and associated risk assessments must be completed prior to the operation of the machine and the control system.
  • A known weight needs to be present and assessed for any lifting activities with certified and correct lifting accessories made available
  • Portable height and width goalposts need to be available as suitable to the equipment to ensure physical obstacles when setting up and operating / travelling under the defined restrictions as required training
  • The operator’s manual must be accessible
  • Access to a fully operational excavator fitted with a working Prolec PME system.

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