Course Code: A04 (a+b)

The A04 (a+b) course is delivered through a combination of classroom-based tutorials and practical training. Completing the course successfully will entitle you to a CPCS Red Trained Operator Card (upon successful completion of the appropriate CPCS Technical Test).

This is a 10 day novice course.

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About the course

This is a Novice level course:Our Novice level courses are for delegates who have had little or no training on the equipment.

Through a combination of targeted training and experience, delegates will be able to:

  • Operate the tower crane safely and productively.
  • Respond to the recognised signals for controlling crane operations.
  • Decide whether a particular load is within the capacity of the crane.
  • Carry out minor adjustments and routine maintenance.
  • Understand the capabilities of the equipment and any relevant safety precautions, including the out of service procedure.
  • Operate safe-load indicators and overload warning devices.
  • Understand the effect of the working radius on the lifting capacity of the machine.
  • Secure, check and maintain counterweights effectively.
  • Gauge the effect of shock loading on structural strength and stability.
  • Recognise the principles of safe slinging, the types and capacities of lifting gear, security and balance of load.
  • Observe the statutory regulations in respect of lifting equipment and the operator’s own legal responsibilities.



Candidates must have an in-date CSCS Health, Safety and Environment Test (taken within the last two years)