CTA and JF Prolec to deliver accredited construction safety system training


JF Prolec and CTA will be delivering NPORS accredited courses that enable operators to maximise site safety whilst using JF Prolec’s PME systems. This comes as a response to feedback provided by customers, plant operators and site safety supervisors that identified a need for practical training using the PME systems in real-world conditions.

These courses have been designed to offer personalised hands-on support with a key emphasis on creating a safe working environment and with the investment of three excavators fitted with the entire PME range of products, JF Prolec and CTA can deliver training on the full system and its necessary safety features, or just as easily, more bespoke training to specifically cover the system a customer already has in place.

"CTA places safety as the top priority in all aspects of our training and accreditation delivery. We are very pleased to be working in strategic partnership with James Fisher Prolec in bringing a fully accredited training solution to the market on a national scale."

- Nick Bowers, Construction Training Academy

CTA's specialist experience in the construction training market, together with in-house facilities that allow delivery of professional training courses in stringent environments are the partner of choice to provide training with Prolec's PME systems.

Find details on the course here. You can book your place on the course at - http://www.prolec.co.uk/en/contact/prolec-cta-training-course-booking